About The Website

The website's structure, other than html and css that are vital for a website, is based on php programming scripts and mysql database.

The connection to a database is the most used method to create such a website that offers features such as upload, categories and so on. The database stores all the info about the books in this website and makes it easy to find the desired books at any time through using specific php scripts that search about books with specified category or any other details.

The admin of this website chose to keep the large uploaded files (.pdf books files), not in the batadase, but in a specific directory in the hosting server files and keep the link to this files stored in the database. This will give us two important advantages. The first one is that the database will remain light in size. The second one is that we will have all the pdf book files classified in specific folder for each category and can use them later on even if you don't have the database.




About The Admin Of The Digital Library

The admin of the "Digital Library", Amar Haxhiu. Amar Haxhiu is a student born in Shijak city in Durres districst in Albania in March 2000. As he grew up, with him grew the love for computers and recently the love for programming and web design.

He built up this website to help people in finding books over the web easily and facilitate the searching, uploading and sharing desired books from different people.

Contact the admin of the Digital Library here.

About the Digital Library
The Digital Library was created in 2015 by an Albanian student.

The main purpose of this website is to help people find their desired books and help people increase their general knowledge. This could be a big help to students.

Something special about this website is that everyone can upload his own book and then share it with people he wants.

Hope you like our website!

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